Make An Off-Strip Trip To Play Las Vegas Bingo

When we think about playing Bingo, it’s usually a vision of seniors playing in a room somewhere outside of a casino. However, the game is big business in the Las Vegas casinos that offer Bingo games.

During the past 12 months ending this Sept., these casinos won more than $40 million from Bingo players, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The casinos won 22.21% of the money wagered on Bingo.

This is still a game that serves a particular niche of Las Vegas casino guests. While $40 million sounds like a lot of money, it’s less than mainstream games like blackjack or roulette.

Bingo has its place in some casinos. However, that place isn’t where the majority of tourists stay when visiting Las Vegas.

None of the casinos that offer Bingo in Clark County are on the Vegas Strip. This might sound surprising to some but there’s more to Las Vegas than the tourist corridor.

The number of casinos offering Bingo may not change much in the future. However, Bingo players inside casinos may not all be the seniors that many think of when the game comes to mind. This could be changing.

Bingo in Las Vegas has drawn a mixed crowd for years. While most players are older, there have always been younger players looking for something different or just a couple of complimentary drinks.

Bingo in Las Vegas could become a game of choice for more young people sooner rather than later. According to a survey from Milwaukee’s Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, nearly ¾ of Bingo players are Millennials and Gen Z. More than half of the players surveyed played at least once a month.

Here’s the breakdown of generational Bingo players from the survey:

  • Millennials (59%)
  • Gen Xers (21%)
  • Gen Zers (14%)
  • Baby Boomers (6%)

This survey may or may not be exactly who’s playing Bingo in Las Vegas casinos. Having said that, there are always visitors in Las Vegas looking for something different.

Bingo is a fun and relatively inexpensive game to explore when visiting Las Vegas. However, it may never be a game for the annual trip crowd.

Bingo is an excellent option for visitors who go to Las Vegas often and want an alternative to the usual fun. In addition to being a different game, playing Bingo in Vegas gives visitors a chance to venture off the Vegas Strip to see what other casinos have to offer.

Casinos that offer Bingo aren’t on the Vegas Strip but they’re not necessarily in the middle of nowhere. There are casinos just a few minutes away and in downtown Las Vegas.

Where to play Bingo in Las Vegas

There are less than 20 casinos in Clark County (Las Vegas) that offer Bingo. None of those casinos are on the Vegas Strip.

The casinos not offering Bingo include those from the large casino corporations Caesars and MGM Resort. However, there are a couple of casinos less than a five-minute taxi or rideshare away from the tourist corridor.

The casinos closest to the Vegas Strip with Bingo are:

  • Palace Station
  • Gold Coast

Visitors who like staying in downtown Las Vegas will find Bingo at the Plaza. The casino just outside of the Fremont Street Experience has Bingo games daily and occasional large Bingo jackpot games.

Most Bingo games are located 10-30 minutes away from the Vegas Strip at the following casinos:

  • Aliante
  • Arizona Charlie’s (both locations)
  • Boulder Station
  • Cannery
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Jerry’s Nugget
  • Rampart
  • Red Rock
  • Sam’s Town
  • Santa Fe Station
  • South Point
  • Suncoast
  • Sunset Station

In addition to daily Bingo games, some of these casinos offer games with big jackpots periodically throughout the year.

Special Bingo events and games

South Point has its next “$2 million extravaganza” scheduled for March 2023. The November event sold out well in advance.

Likewise, Boyd Gaming properties have Power Bingo events throughout the year. Plaza has a Super Bingo event multiple times each year.

Station Casinos properties have progressive Bingo games and special promotions throughout the year. Palace Station, the closest casino to the Vegas Strip with Bingo, has the newest Bingo room and a plethora of non-traditional Bingo game promotions.

All Las Vegas Bingo games offer complimentary beverages. Some casinos even offer free doughnuts to those playing early games (9 am or earlier).

Check the individual rooms for current offerings. This article on has some information but it may not always be up to date.

Beginners guide to playing Bingo in Las Vegas

Bingo can be a fun and relaxing activity for casino goers. It can also be incredibly stressful for those not familiar with the game.

I love the idea of playing Bingo but the activity is always more stressful than I remember since I play maybe once or twice a year. Simply reading and stamping each number of all cards of a four-pack can send me into a bit of mania. Forget trying to enjoy an adult beverage. I need all of my faculties to operate at 100%.

Having said that, the experience is always fun since I play the game with friends. Some deal with the same issue and others don’t. After all is said and done, playing Bingo is a different kind of casino fun.

How to play Bingo

Playing casino Bingo is just like any other venue. Players try to cover a specific pattern of numbers before anyone else.

Casino Bingo may be different than playing at a local venue. There are numerous types of games beyond just getting one line. Some games require players to daub numbers in a line, or a pattern or cover all the spots on the card.

Each Bingo session in Las Vegas takes about an hour and covers numerous games. Depending on the game and property, players can buy in for as little as $4 per session.

Bingo numbers are randomly dispensed from a generator for the caller to announce to the room.

The first player to get Bingo must yell out the word BINGO. A casino employee will verify the win and the player will be paid.

Playing Bingo in a casino is that simple.

Different types of Bingo

Nowadays, there are two ways to play Bingo in a casino.

The traditional game is played by daubing (stamping) numbers called on a paper Bingo card.

The modern option for bingo players is using a machine instead of paper. The machine will “daub” the spots for the player. The player just sits and watches the machine then calls out BINGO if they win.

Even though dabbing cards is slightly stressful, I think that’s part of the fun of playing Bingo. The electronic game takes that sweat out of the game for better or worse.

Bingo is a great Las Vegas value

Playing Bingo in Las Vegas is unlocking one of the best values inside a casino.

The cost for an hour of Bingo in Las Vegas starts at $4. Adding extra cards and a machine will increase the cost. Personally, I play a four-pack of paper cards. This was less than $20 the last time I was in a Bingo room.

Like other casino games in Las Vegas, players are entitled to complimentary drinks while playing. Add a complimentary drink or two and you have one of the best deals in Las Vegas.

An hour of gambling plus free drinks for $4 is a deal that can’t be beaten.

This is one reason so many younger players come to the game. Spending a few dollars to play Bingo to receive some complimentary adult beverages and the possibility of winning a few bucks is a great way to start a day or night of fun in Las Vegas.

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